Warehouse Rental and Management

Quality storage space to match your needs.
Construction of a Warehouse

MMG offers you over 80,000 square meters of warehouse space, mostly in the Southern Luzon area. These warehouses can be customized for your requirements and are located near major highways. Our space features reliable communication, power and security amenities as well.

Our warehouses were designed and built by our very own in-house construction department which has over 30 years of experience in warehouse design and fabrication. This is just another symbol of our commitment to supervise every aspect of the logistics process.

Warehouse for Rent Philippines

  • SVP compound – 31,000 sqm
  • HHI compound – 15,000 sqm
  • PCI compound – 12,000 sqm
  • FOJAS compound – 3,000 sqm
  • Various standalone warehouses – 20,000 sqm